Ống khí PUN-H-12X2-BL

Ống khí PUN-H-12X2-BL

Thống số kỹ thuật ống khí Festo PUN-H-12X2-BL

Ống khí PUN-H-4×0,75-BL
Ống khí PUN-H-6×1-BL
Ống khí PUN-H-8×1,25-BL
Ống khí PUN-H-10×1,5-BL
Ống khí PUN-H-12×2-BL
Ống khí PUN-H-4×0,75-GE
Ống khí PUN-H-6×1-GE
Ống khí PUN-H-8×1,25-GE
Ống khí PUN-H-10×1,5-GE

Exterior diameter [mm] 12
Flow relevant bending radius [mm] 62
Inside diameter [mm] 8,0
Min. bend radius [mm] 33
Hose properties compatible with cable carriers for applications with high cycle rate
Hose test conditions Compatibility with cable carriers: >5 million cycles acc. to FN 942021
Temperature depending operating pressure [bar] -0.95 to 10
Operating medium Compressed air to ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:-:-] Water according to manufacturer declaration at www.festo.com
ambient temperature [°C] -35 to 60
Product weight to length [Kilogramm ] 0,0729
Pneumatic connection for push-in fitting exterior diameter 12 mm
colour blue
Shore hardness D 52 ±3
Material information Copper and PTFE-free RoHs compliant
Hose material TPE-U(PU)
Food compatibility See expanded material information
Permission TÜV

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